Logo Design

What is a Logo?

The logo is a graphic design that identifies a company, allowing its brands (corporate or product) be quickly recognized or related to something, with which there is a similarity. Logos can be made only with images, with images and letters or single letters. In the case of Microsoft, Dell, eBay and IBM, only the name of the brand is identified, built exclusively with letters, however, they came to be so strong or more than those who, although they have a graphical icon, require the association of the text to start position; such is the case, for example, car brands. Subsequently, the image is intrinsically linked to the sound of the original brand name. The most effective and memorable logos pregnantes are those simpler forms, as evidenced by the well-known brands: Macintosh, McDonald's, Nike, Adidas, etc. A logo should be present in all business stationery, either on cards, letterheads, envelopes, invoices, business cards, advertising, etc. Its use can be extended to uniforms, packaging, product labeling and print ads.

Advantages of Having a Logo

It is an essential part of the company identity.

Conveys confidence.

It is a key element in establishing difference between the company and its competitors.

You can create empathy between the company and the target.

6 Rules to Consider When You are Designing a Logo

Finally, it is useful to use a phrase or slogan branded with the logo. The phrase can extend or expand the meaning given by this, as well as provide an instant understanding. The success of a logo not only depends on its internal composition, but the spread is done him through advertisements and other promotional forms.