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Flyers Legal Size

ARTWORK Design is not included in the price. For design quotes please contact us.

Printing one side

Quantity Prices
250 200.99
500 244.99
750 264.99
1000 272.99
1500 305.99
2000 333.99
2500 361.99

Printing both sides

Quantity Prices
250 251.99
500 262.99
750 280.99
1000 296.99
1500 334.99
2000 373.99
2500 411.99


Our big Flyers Legal Page are bold and great for promoting. This piece will turn the head of any consumer and serves a great purpose in regards to marketing. Ideally, this product should be used to endorse big events, restaurants, church bulletin papers, and quality products but it can also be used for menus, and place mats.

  • ✓ Paper 70lb (105.3 gsm) premium uncoated text. It is a bit more substantial than more common copy paper. Uncoated paper is exactly what it sounds like: Paper that has no extra coating or paper finishing. Since there is no coating, there is no glare on the surface. This makes it ideal for prints that have a lot of text or reading materials.
  • ✓ Size: 8.5" x 14" (21.59cm x 35.56cm)
  • Production time: 4 business days
  • Ground SHIPPING within USA (48 contiguous states). For shipping cost to Puerto Rico and other states please contact us.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: 1. How long will it take for me to receive my flyers?
A: If you live in Florida, you will receive flyers in approximately five business days. Our production department is closed on weekends. For delivery times in other states, please contact us.

Q: 2. Do I have to pay shipping for my flyers?
A: If you live in Florida, you don't have to pay shipping. For shipping costs to Puerto Rico and other states please contact us.

Q: 3. How thick are flyers?
A: 5pt thick (equal to .005 of an inch). Each point (pt) is equal to .001 of an inch, to give you a frame of reference.

Q: 4. What size are flyers?
A: Flyers are 8.5" x 14" (21.59cm x 35.56cm)

Q: 5. I have an idea of the design, can you create the art for me?
A: If you have an idea of how to make your cards, but do not have a digital file prepared by a graphic designer to print, you will need to create the art. We offer design service, please contact us for a quote.

Q: 6. If I have my own design. How do I set up my art files? What are your file specifications?
A: To ensure the printing quality of your cards, your design must meet certain technical specifications required by our production department. Depending on the number of sides to print, you will need to send: 1 or 2 files. Bleed should be 0.0625 "on each side (top, bottom, left and right) and should extend beyond the cut line, this will be trimmed from the product during the final cut phase. Keep all text at least 0.50 "from the edge. The final size of your art, with the margin should be 8.625" x 14.125". However, at the time of printing and cutting your flyers will have a standard size of 8.5"x 14".

Templates: Our template is used as a guide or reference to show general placement of logos/graphic elements, however, when submitting the artwork, you must submit it without the guidelines, otherwise they would be printed. See image below for example. To get template click on the following link:

Flyers legal size horizontal
Flyers legal size vertical

Accepted files: JPG or PDF format, 300 dpi, CMYK coloring. Please provide ready to print files & in good quality. If you have any questions or doubts please contact us .


Q: 7. How do I submit my design to approve it?
A: To send us your design, click on the following link send design or email us

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